Barry M Goodness

I’ve found that it isn’t a widely known fact that not only is Barry M a cruelty free company, but all of their products are suitable for vegetarians with  a majority being suitable for vegans also.
For anyone that isn’t aware, Barry M is a British company that creates colorful cosmetics including eye dusts, lipsticks, nail paints…you name it they have it and in the most vibrant colors.
The Dazzle Dusts are probably the most popular products from Barry M and come in a wide variety of incredibly pigmented colors.
The swatches below are the Barry M Dazzle Dusts that I currently own and are suitable for vegans.
*I’ve used UDPP as a base.
The only issue with the Dazzle Dusts is that most of them have chunks of glitter and of course can result in glitter fall out *nice*. I’ve just purchased Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy and I’m hoping this should help with the over glittery Dazzle Dusts I own.
Other then that, slap on a good base and these pigments will remain just as vibrant throughout the day.
For more information on other vegan friendly Barry M products, click here.
Aside from purchasing from the website, you can get your hands on Barry M products at Superdrugs, selected Boots stores and Topshop the Oxford Circus store stock the whole range anyway.
If you would like to get your hands on any of these shadows or are interested in seeing swatches of any other colors on the website, leave me a comment below and I’ll see what I can do for you.
**I did consider including a review of Barry M nail paints but I didn’t want to make this blog too long.
Let me know your thoughts on Barry M, love it or hate it?
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3 Responses to Barry M Goodness

  1. liloo says:

    I have a lot of dazzledust and love them 🙂
    Really pigmented, pretty colors, I love!
    I have all the blush and love them as well! Concerning the lipstick I’m a bit disapointed, I find them to dry for my lips 😦
    But they have good prices and quality 😉
    Thx for sharing this review 🙂
    lots of love

    • Nini says:

      Thanks again for sharing Liloo 😉
      I’ve never tried the lipsticks as they contain bees wax, but its a shame they’re drying with all the pretty colors they have 😦

      Take care

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